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One Response to “Your Say!”

  • FishmanTx says:

    Wonderful site! I would like to see a system for marine diesel engines, specifically sailboats, to augment/extend/replace (rather) the fuel while at sea. The average “blue water” sailboat uses from 30-50 horsepower marine diesels. For example, ours is a 34 foot with a 40HP Westerbeke (marinized Perkins) diesel but only a 25 gallon tank. Not very nice if your becalmed for an extended period and facing possibly several days of motoring. With storage space at a premium, extra jerry cans aren’t very practical and can be dangerous if they break loose in bad weather, but they are necessary.

    A seawater HOH cell would be nice,for the same reasons as above, but I don’t think the technology is very efficient or commercially viable yet.

    Thanks and Good Work!


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