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small_bearOur purpose is to provide you with an accurate overview of the use and viability of On-Demand Hydrogen – Oxygen Gas generation.

The community-based research covers broad applications and the results are published for you to learn, apply and benefit from.

There is still much to learn about this gas and its huge potential!

Today the technology represents a significant breakthrough to reduce Greenhouse Gases and Fuel Consumption across a diverse array of internal and external combustion applications.

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Open Collaboration


Many of the pages within this site are open for comment where we encourage you to ask questions and make suggestions.

Comment, leave feedback, be part of the community;

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Open Innovation


As a community focused organisation we provide you with the rights to use, modify, reproduce and distribute the published technology.

A public license is provided to you at no cost upon registration on this site, which protects your rights to this technology for non-commercial purposes.

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Open Questions

question_markKnowing what is important to you helps us deliver and meet expectations.

A regular series of questions are posed in the form of community surveys and polls.

Have your say and read others!

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HOH Gas Equipment

Three years of community-based research has led to a robust, reliable and complete gas generation system.

HOH Enterprises manufactures equipment for end user applications along with assigning commercial production and distribution rights.

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Investing for the future


Are you ready to become part of a forward thinking, socially aware team?  What about a business with serious growth potential?

Successful commercialisation will fund other environmentally beneficial community innovations!

For Automotive


HOH gas acts as a combustion aid NOT a fuel.

By improving combustion efficiency the result is improved torque.

Based on the driver, this torque increase can be translated into more mileage and reduces emissions.

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Community Sponsorship


As an Open and Community orientated research organisation we rely heavily on financial contributions made by the public.

These contributions result in further published information and provide an extremely valuable means to support the works of many grass roots innovators.

Sponsors are provided with access to “special” information allowing them to contribute and support further important works.

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